Goals are ideas you set into motion


"When we lose our spiritual child then that is when we have grown old."
-- Paul J. Meyer

Personal goals are the most cerebral and hardest to measure. They are not subject to objective measurement, and only you will know when/if you have made progress. They are also the easiest to ignore – it is easy to simply go with the flow when it comes to spirituality. If you fail at your professional Life Goals, the impact may be immediate and dire – you might lose your job or lose out on that promotion. The impact of ignoring your spiritual Life Goals is much more subtle in the short term, but more holistically injurious in the long term.

Your Personal goals are yours – no one can tell you what they should be. Try the following suggestions to help you decide what your spiritual Life Goals will be and how to achieve them:

  • Explore What You Currently Believe: Think about who or what lies at your center today, then commit to spending some quiet time over the next few months researching, reflecting and meditating to flesh out those ideas and develop new questions to which to find answers relating to those beliefs. And keep a journal.
  • Make Rituals a Part of Your Life: Rituals don’t have to be formal rites associated with a particular religion. They can consist of meditation, reading spirituality related materials, or even chanting – whatever makes you feel “spiritual.” Engaging in daily spiritual rituals is a great way of getting the mind used to turning inward and going into a spiritual mode for a while.
  • Join a Group of Like Spirited People: Being part of a group can help to motivate you and keep you moving toward your goal. The group doesn’t have to be religiously affiliated, though it could be. But it should involve practices and/or beliefs with which you are comfortable.
  • Start Making Your Beliefs Part of Your Daily Life: In short, practice what you preach. If you think that something is impeding you from spiritual health, try to let go of those particular distractions. Also, emulate those you admire spiritually. If the patience and discipline of Buddhist monks is something you find laudable, start routines in your life to promote those qualities.
As the hardest to measure and most amorphous, spiritual Life Goals can require the most attention to maximize your chance of achieving success. Keep trying and don’t get discouraged in difficult times!


"The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work."
-- Vince Lombardi

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do. -- Bob Dylan

If you want to meet your professional Life Goals, it is going to take more than just massaging your LinkedIn profile. Unlike other goal categories, in the realm of professional Life Goals, you are uniquely reliant upon the decisions and feelings of others to achieve your larger goals: more specifically, either clients or the people to whom you report at work.

Thus, in order to achieve the larger goals toward lifetime fulfillment in your career, with professional goals it is important to use“baby step” goals as a means of achieving your larger Life Plan. These baby step goals are very specific and intended to make you more valuable to either your company or your clients.

Try some of these examples on for size:

  • Design a career around a personal passion – find a job that doesn’t feel like work;
  • Change jobs – sometimes that’s the best solution;
  • Pursue a promotion – the squeaky wheel gets the oil;
  • Identify and increase personal standards and boundaries at work (such as leaving the office for lunch each day;
  • Learn to communicate more effectively;
  • Develop more friendships at work, be less competitive with others;
  • Learn a new skill;
  • Go for a specific award given by your employer or professional community;
  • De-clutter your work space;
  • Start a new business – be your own boss;
  • Find a mentor – learn from experience;
  • Become known as an expert in one area of importance to your company;
  • Become a better networker, attend networking events regularly; and
  • Take a public speaking course
  • Work on being more collaborative – and less argumentative
  • Ask for more responsibility
  • Get additional training/education. We think www.ed2go.com is a great place to start thinking about restarting your education.
Remember, you’ll spend most of your adult like at work of some sort, so these are the goals you’ll be working on most frequently on a day-to-day basis.

Mind & Body

"At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security."
-- Jodi Rell

The "physical" category of Life Goals categories is arguably the most important, both from the perspective that it contains the largest variety of items (from buying a house, to taking a cruise, to living in a foreign country) and that it contains the most important category: physical health and well-being. Simply put, if you’re not healthy (or if you’re even dead), achieving your other goals is nearly impossible (or totally impossible if you’re dead).

We’re not doctors (though we’re willing to play one on tv), but we can tell you some things you should think about doing to focus on your physical health:

  • Quit smoking;
  • Don’t drink in excess;
  • Exercise regularly;
  • Eat healthy (avoid processed foods);
  • Get plenty of sleep;
  • Avoid stress;
  • Don’t avoid medical checkups
  • Keep the sex safe;
  • Stretch for flexibility;
  • Always wear your seatbelt;
  • Don’t text and drive;
  • Avoid sugary drinks;
  • Don’t forget to floss; and
  • Stop sunbathing;
Try one, some, or all – but doing any of the foregoing will give you a better chance of charting a course well down your Life Map.


"No one has ever become poor by giving."
-- Anne Frank

The number of options available for giving back to your community are as numerous and varied as the stars in the sky. There are basically three parts of “us” that we can share with those in need: our treasure, our time, and our talent.

Share your treasure with a charity: If you want to share your treasure, you might consider The United Way (http://www.unitedway.org) or Catholic Charities USA (http://catholiccharitiesusa.org). They are both excellent organizations.

Share your time with a charity: For your time, it’s really hard to beat the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (http://www.bbbs.org). There is really no greater contribution you can make to society than to help form its next generation.

Share your talents with a charity: There are many ways to share your talents as well. You’ve just have to look. For example, if you’ve got some chops on the guitar, consider volunteering to teach veterans with PTSD through Guitars For Vets (http://www.guitars4vets.org). If you’re in the New York area and art is your thing, consider helping out disadvantaged kids with Art Start (http://www.art-start.org). The possibilities are limitless.

When considering how to give back, don’t forget to look outside the box, too. Not every opportunity requires working through a 501(c). When Tim Hagan and his wife, Susan, were living in Argentina they lived across the street from a young family consisting of Christian, his wife Patricia, and their two daughters Rosia and Julieta. While both parents worked very hard, they barely made $400 USD a month.

Moved by their inevitable inability to get ahead, Tim and Susan simply “adopted” the family. Since the girls were regularly forced to miss school because of their parents’ work conflicts, Tim and Susan began transporting the girls to school when necessary and babysat them in the afternoons until their parents got home. They also gave the family access to their car to use (as Christian’s 1970 Peugeot was nearly always in need of repair). When it was time for the school year to start, they would take mom and girls on a shopping spree in town (followed, of course, by lunch at the famous Hollywood Burger in San Rafael).

The point of all this is just to point out that as with all Life Goals, the opportunities to give are only limited by what you can dream.

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